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What Our Clients Say

Barking no more! Our dog, Maddux, had a new habit of barking constantly for attention, leaving our family (including Maddux!) extremely frustrated. Dana provided us with positive solutions, getting to the root of the problem and teaching Maddux alternative behaviors to barking, all force free. Thanks to Dana, we have a quieter house and a better relationship with our dog!

Kristin M. & Maddux

I’ve seen first hand Dana’s capability to connect with dogs and observing her is truly marvelous. She has a undeniable love for helping owners connect or re-connect with their dogs based on positive reinforcement. Dana is hands down the person I go to for any question or problems that arise! Could not recommend enough!

Kristi R. & Dexter + Rue

As all of you know by now, I am over the moon over how well Giles has transformed since leaving animal control. Dana has been instrumental in helping Giles (and actually helping me, I have learned a ton). I would highly recommend her and look forward to her helping us again. She is amazing. Force-free, positive training!

Deb H. & Giles, Kaleb + Lilly


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