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Heal the anxious dog

Solutions for dogs struggling with separation anxiety


How We Help

Custom Training Plan

The gold standard

We take the guesswork out of separation anxiety training. Your training plan uses the most effective methods for treating separation anxiety and is tailored to your dog and your home. Our regular easy-to-follow instructions and regular checkin-ins make training a breeze.

Daily Support

Expertise at the ready

During your training program, you'll have unlimited access to your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer during your training plan. We are here for the ups and downs, and ultimately to help you reach your alone time goals.

Priority on Progress

Exceed your expectations

This is not your regular dog training. Our expert training program is rigorous, structured and supportive. Training with us can greatly reduce and even resolve your dog's separation anxiety. No matter what your goals are.

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How the Program Works

  1. Complete our online questionnaire

  2. Chat with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

  3. Setup your dog's behavior modification program

  4. Start improving how your dog feels when left alone

Why Work with Dana

  • Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

  • 13+ years of training experience

  • Dog parent recommended!

  • Customized behavior modification

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Program Details


Train from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. Meet via video conferencing in order to minimize distractions and maximize your dog's progress.


Meet with your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer via Zoom meetings. You can login from a computer, laptop or tablet. You'll also need your cell phone during each meeting.


We rely on modern technology for a modern-day approach. We'll give you access to a custom online training plan. Additionally, you'll need access to a video device (phone, tablet, laptop, or home security).


We ask that you commit to training under threshold because it maximizes your dog's progress. This means you will only leave your dog alone during training plans. We'll help you recruit a support team to make this possible.

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Separation Anxiety Plans

Pricing for all dog parents


Initial 5-week Plan

Your custom training plan includes daily support from our experts for 5 weeks. This program is individualized for you and your dog. Your trainer will guide you every step of the way. Follow-up 4-week training plans are offered for $699.


Single Consultation

Unable to commit to a 5-week training plan? We can still help! Meet with our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer for a 90-minute consultation. We'll recommend detailed next steps that will help you get started with behavior modification.


Trainer Chat

Unsure where to start? Need more information? Complete our online questionnaire and we'll set up a one-time complimentary 30-minute phone call. We'll share your best training options for separation anxiety and get you started on your road to alone time success!


Are you a dog trainer?

We love supporting positive trainers! Our flexible program allows you to have a lifeline to an experienced specialist while you navigate separation anxiety cases. Flexible pricing and scheduling allows you to fit our meetings easily into your busy schedule.

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