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Hi! I'm Dana, one of only a few Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers. My training methods are the most effective because they are rooted in science. I rely on current trends in applied animal behavior and am committed to force-free guidance for both dogs and humans. I help you strategize the most effective training plan for your client. Choose ad hoc or recurring meetings:

  • Single sessions - $89/hr

  • Four 1-hr sessions - $299/pk

My promise to you

I promise to generously share my experience and expertise in separation anxiety and general behavior modification. I also promise to be honest about my limitations. Working with me will challenge you, but also encourage you in your career as a dog trainer. In return, I ask that you commit to open communication and honest feedback.

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Why work with me

  • Crossover trainer with 13+ years of experience

  • 4+ years mentoring other trainers

  • Certified behavior consultant & graduate of top dog training programs

  • Non-judgmental & confidential support


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"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

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