How I Overcame Dog Separation Anxiety

There's something about Molly Molly was my second foster dog. She was a beautiful, polite English Pointer mix that landed at the first...

How to Choose a Dog Daycare

I remember when the idea of dog daycare was more of a punchline than a reality. These days, taking your dog to daycare is often a routine...

Decompression Walks: Good for the Soul

I took a decompression walk with my dog today. To be honest, I was the one needing to decompress more than my dog. I'm not sure if it was

Best Books for Dog Parents

It's been a minute since we posted on the blog. 2019 has kept us busy with new dogs joining the Rovercome family every month.

Training Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

If you are a member of the best Facebook Canine Enrichment Community, then you have probably seen the magic of the ball pit. Dogs rolling in

Positive Dog Training Basics

People watch me train dogs and they think it looks pretty easy. I take that as a compliment. If you're doing it right, it should look easy.