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Our Philosophy

At Rovercome, LLC, our goal is to give dog parents easy access to the most effective training methods available. We believe every dog is a good dog, and that every dog parent is doing the best they can. Our experts are here to help you learn what is really going on inside your dog and how to motivate your dog to good manners. Rovercome Trainers focus on giving you and your dog the communication skills you need for a lifetime of success. We prioritize long-term results over quick fixes, because we know you’re in it for the long haul.


Our Team

With over 30 years combined experience, you can trust that Rovercome Trainers have done and seen it all.

Our credentials demonstrate our commitment to ethical standards and continuing education.

  • Certified Shelter Behavior Dog Consultant, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

  • Certified Training Partner, Karen Pryor Academy

  • Certified Dog Trainer, Victoria Stilwell Academy

  • Dog Trainer, Animal Behavior College

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen™ Certified Evaluator

  • Canine First Aid Certified, DOGSAFE®️

  • Pet Professional Guild Member

  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers Member

Rovercome, LLC is fully insured. 

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Owner, Head Consultant & Animal Trainer

Dana, The Dog Mom Coach™, is a sought after Behavior Consultant, who has worked for the nation's leading animal organizations. She has achieved some of the highest honors in dog training and is passionate about sharing her expertise. Evolved from her "old school" roots, Dana brings you the most ethical and effective behavior solutions the animal training industry has to offer.

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Shannon Burch, CPDT-KA, ABCDT

Dog Trainer

Shannon has been working with animals for 10 years and dog training for 5 years. She joined Rovercome in 2019 because she wants to share her knowledge and experience with well-meaning dog parents in the Charlotte, NC area. Shannon offers personalized training plans and force-free boarding services that will help you and your dog live peaceably together for years to come.


Giving Back

Rovercome Founder & Trainers believe in giving back! We are always looking for opportunities to share our expertise and help make our communities healthy, safe and dog-friendly. These are some of the 2019 recipients of monetary, in-kind and service donations from Rovercome & Founder Dana: