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Welcome to the Rovercome Family

Dog Training & Behavior Solutions for Your Best Friend


About Your Dog's Favorite Trainer

Dana is a sought after Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant. She has achieved some of the highest honors in dog training and is passionate about sharing her expertise. Dana has experience evaluating and rehabilitating dogs of varying breeds, sizes, and dispositions. She uses evidence-based training methods to help you build mutual trust and respect with your dog.

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Our Services

Dog Training

Think of this as one-on-one coaching for you and your dog. We work with you to create custom training plans for you and your dog. Our experts teach you how dogs think so that you can best understand and improve your dog’s behavior. Training tracks are designed with long-term success in mind.

Behavior Support

Like humans, sometimes dogs come with baggage. A relationship built on trust, respect, and understanding goes a long way to healing the scars of the past. Our compassionate and experienced Behavior Consultant will help your dog build confidence and coping skills.


Leaving your dog behind is always tough, but with our force free boarding accommodations, you know that your dog is getting the best care in town. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that your best friend is under the watchful eye of a professional dog trainer certified in Pet CPR and first-aid.



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Kristin M. & Maddux

Barking no more! Our dog, Maddux, had a new habit of barking constantly for attention, leaving our family (including Maddux!) extremely frustrated. Dana provided us with positive solutions, getting to the root of the problem and teaching Maddux alternative behaviors to barking, all force free. Thanks to Dana, we have a quieter house and a better relationship with our dog!

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